(Re)Imagining the Insect: Natures and Cultures of Invertebrates, 1700-1900

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Insects in the News


The 6 most mindblowing superpowers of bees and 7 reasons ants will inherit the world (absolute must-reads!)

Enslaved ants rebel against their slavemakers

Bees and the city: the solution to all our ecological problems? (BBC Radio 4)

How Spiders Fix their Webs

Icelandic Insect Energy Bars

Exceptionally preserved insect fossils in the Late Jurassic lagoon of Orbagnoux (Rhône Valley, France)

Swarming Robots

New Pigmy Locust named after David Attenborough

The Fascinating Faces of Bugs [photos]

A Swarm of Honey Bees Descend on London Topshop


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